I love coffee

I help people appreciate and make better coffee for a living


I want to make Specialty Coffee accessible for everyone. If you are interested and passionate about coffee, I make it possible for you to learn and improve your skills regardless if you are a enthusiastic consumer or coffee pro.


  • Authorized Specialty Coffee Association Trainer (AST) for certified Specialty Coffee Labs (SCA) internationally
  • Consumer, Professional, and Corporate F&B Training and Education in Coffee & Tea
  • Quality Control Assessment
  • Build and Improve Coffee & Tea Programs
  • Coffee & Tea Menu Development
  • Coffee & Tea Lectures and Presentations
  • Competition Coaching


If you’re a company, restaurant, cafe, coffee pro, or coffee enthusiast and interested in discussing what I can do for you, please contact me below. I look forward to teaching you and learning more about coffee with you!


Phone/WhatsApp: +1 206.604.8990